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We are a youth-based non-profit organization dedicated to ending unethical fetal harvesting, protecting born alive infants, and promoting ethical research alternatives. We seek to educate and activate the community to end this radical injustice at UCSF.


Our mission at SERNOW is to document, expose, and mobilize against fetal organ harvesting at the University of California, San Francisco


The Society for Ethical Reserch is a new, youth-based organization locally operating in San Francisco. We come from various religous, political and cultural backgrounds, but are united in our fight against UCSF’s fetal organ harvesting. 


We are dedicated to this cause because we understand that the unethical research methods used at UCSF constitute crimes against humanity and members of our San Francisco community. Part of our goal is to make you as passionate as we are today!


As a direct action organization, we are dedicated to more than protesting. Our goal is to pressure legislatiors and UCSF to end the relationship between elective abortion and research studies, prevent born alive organ harvesting, and use ethical research alternatives.



One of the main ways that we raise awareness of what is happening at UCSF is through picketing and protesting on-campus and throughout the city.

UCSF is one of the largest employers and centers of education and medical services in the Bay Area and it is important that the community become aware of the atrocities they are commiting in the name of medical research. Although many ethical alternatives exist, the University continues to take advantage of mothers and their children.


We believe that the most effective way to reach the public with the truth about UCSF is by direct action. In order to achieve societal change and to end the ethical violations occurring at the university, it is necessary to use non-violent forms of protest and demonstration to bring this issue to the forefront of public interest and outrage.


Along with Pro-Life San Francisco, we are working to uncover the full truth of fetal organ harvesting at UCSF and to document and expose crimes committed by the university. Currently, Pro-Life SF is holding UCSF to account for failing to comply with a California Public Records Act request regarding the Ryan ResideNcy abortion training program. We are here to demand transparency and to demand justice. 


Direct action is the use of social media, protest, and other nonviolent means to reach a larger audience and make the public aware of the injustices occurring at UCSF.


At SERNOW we have been able to join together with many groups. It is important to work together as a community to create a better future. Please contact us to join the movement!

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